Stalinism: a nicer cousin of Nazism

Soviet totalitarianism is similar to Nazism but nicer. The Socialist concept of Statism and an individual serving the the collective will of “people.” But Communism is inclusive, while Nazism is exclusive, insisting on the “right” ethnicity and cultural roots.

Communism and Nazism share not only the same slot in the history of the 20th century. They have much common ideological ground. Many notice their striking similarity, while others insist that Communism — and its most successful form Stalinism — is the opposite of Nazism.


As a matter of fact, both claim that the collective takes precedence over the individual. Communism and Nazism insist on an unlimited right of inspired and enlightened leadership to exert their power. Both state their faith in a higher purpose that justifies any violence against their enemies.

And still, Communism is much more palatable to most people because it’s basically very inclusive. Truth to say, it makes a virtue of eradicating its opponents. But it talks about the sacred right of “98-percenters” that takes precedence over the blood-sucking, spoiled, parasitic minority.

Everyone’s welcome

Even if you come from the hated elite, you are still very welcome to join the ranks of the oppressed as a Communist. Atone for your misdeeds through sweat, blood, and tears. If your effort is honest, your sacrifice is noticed, and luck is on your side, the victorious proletariat will give you some slack when they prevail.

As a matter of fact, an absolute majority of Communist leaders in history come from affluent classes.

Blood and soil

Nazism, on the other hand, is very exclusive. It’s “us against the world”, through and through. Society for them is an extension of Nature. It’s about the survival of the fittest, no matter what liberals and Jews are telling the gullible world. The fittest, the best, the brightest must fight the myriads of losers who embark on our shores, take up our space and deplete our resources. Those who have the wrong ancestry, skin color, or deviate from the Nazi ideals of human perfection, are out — no matter how much sympathy they may have for the Nazi cause.

In comparison to Nazism, even the Islamic State and Al Qaeda come forward as a tolerant and life-affirming crowd.

Photo: Communism and Nazism both claimed the title as the only genuine movement of working people. This medallion was minted in memory of the May 1st celebration in 1934 by the Nazis, who even made their Reichsadler hold the proletarian sickle and hammer.

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