President Putin probably can’t Slav squat

Squatting with heels on ground, the weight distributed on both legs allows for prolonged seating without blocking blood circulations in the legs. But not this position called Slav squat is often unavalable to overweight people and seniors with bad backs and troubled knees. President Puting seems to be one of them.

The photo below reveals a puzzling revelation. When squatting, President Putin does it in a regular European fashion. As a matter of fact, there’s no photos except photoshopped fan memes where our President does a Slav squat.

Putin squatting
Photo: President Putin listening to the heartbeat of the Earth. (c) RIA Novosti

Since Putin spends hours working out and in the swimming hall, almost certainly in the company of competent PTs, flexibility in the joints and muscles shouldn’t be a problem. Neither has he the kind of pouch that pushes him too far back out of balance.

At the much-profiled bare-chested photo-op, Putin also does a regular squat. His weight is all on his right leg, which blocks blood circulation below the knee. This means he can’t sit this way longer than a few minutes, which is unacceptable for a Slav squat.

Putin regular squat with weight put on one leg
Photo: a regular squat with the body weight put on one leg. (c) RIA Novosti

In the photo below, Putin seems to have what it takes of the stretch in his hams and gluteus.

President Putin doing warm-up before a judo training session
Photo: President Putin doing warm-up before a judo training session. (c) RIA Novosti

This leaves a hip/knee/foot joint injury, which is understandable for an old practitioner of martial arts and downhill skiing. However, the most likely cause is the back condition that often impacts his gait.

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