Are many of modern Russians of truly Russian origin?

Honestly, no Russian is completely of Russian origin.

“Russian” stems from “Rus”, the name of an ancient gang of Viking warriors living off slave trade to the old Byzantine Empire. They were few, and got assimilated by Eastern Slav tribes without leaving a trace.

Then the Slavs, wise from business lessons taught by the Vikings, started to go deep in the thick of Eurasian forests hunting high and low for Ugro-Finnish people to be sold as slaves to Greeks and Arabs and Persians. Many of us got distracted in the process, and got settled as mere peaceful farmers with our blond Finnish wives.

Then the Mongols came, and showed us how to build empires and kill and maim anyone who resisted like there is no tomorrow.

Then the Turks gave us their delicious fatty foods and colorful clothes, and we fought together against the hoity-toity Poles and the bloody-minded Crimean Chingizides. They gave us the large slanted eyes and protruding cheekbones of our fashion models because they knew that future model headhunters would die for these.

Then the Europeans came, and taught us how to use make-up and pick the right clothes and use the right words to become top picks on Tinder and poolside parties in Santa Monica, LA and the rooftop bars in London.

After that came Germans with their technical knowledge and the knack of spinning tales of national greatness. Then, Jews with their tasty kitchen and science brains and catchy pop tunes. … you get the picture, don’t you?

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