How can patriotism be expressed today?

In Russia, patriotism means government-approved nationalism.

Our preferred way of showing patriotism is to augment the loyalist narrative we find in the mass media. A small selection of photos below from a few years back demonstrates what it looks like at out place. This was the zenith of national pride after the reconquest of the Crimean peninsula.

Russia in defiance of the Russia-hating narrative of Western powers: “Obama and Angela of Death: get your bloody hands off the Russian World!” (Angela of Death is a reference to Angela Merkel)

Führer Obama, get your bloody hands off Novorossyia” (Novorossiya is the southern part of Ukraine with a large Russian majority)

The sad girl below holds a poster that says “Fascington, sign off the act of capitulation: Russians are coming!”

The patriotic tattoo at the waistline of the man below shows an outline of the Crimean peninsula, the symbol of national pride:

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Below, a car owner celebrating the opening of the bridge linking Crimea to mainland Russia. The sticker says: “Crimea is ours. Trump is ours. Alaska [next].”

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