Soviet Union’s recovery after WW2

Economy of the USSR quickly recovered from WW2, thanks to the war reparations from Europe and Japan. Demography, however, was damaged irreparably.

The Soviet economy recovered from WW2 amazingly quickly. The 1940 level of GDP has surpassed already by 1950, thanks to the addition of at least 5,500 industrial and power plants disassembled in Germany and the Chinese Manchuria and moved to the USSR.

However, the Russian nation has not recovered from WW2 as yet.

  • The demographic pyramid in our country still shows three pronounced dents, each from the catastrophic loss of at least 20 million people during the war. It takes at least two more generations for us to completely smooth over this gap.
  • Ideologically, the victory over the Nazis remains, as per today, the pinnacle of Russian civilization. Along with the Soviet successes in the space race in the 1960s, our WWII triumph determines the continuity from the Czarist empire through the Communist rule toward the modern Capitalist Russia.