Incendiary propaganda for the city hall in Moscow

Starting the fire of world revolution at any cost was the top priority of Soviet rulers during the first years of the Communist rule.

Incendiary message from Soviet Russia in 1920. The motif below was a suggestion for decorating the city hall in Moscow, called “Red Knight”. It mimics the style of pre-revolutionary lacquer decorations popular with peasants. This is a man in ethnic Russian clothes who carries a torch of revolution around the world riding on a winged horse. In the background, a Parthenon-like edifice of Capitalism is being consumed by flames. Text: “We’ll set ablaze the entire world with the fire of the III International“.

winged knight of revolutionary flame

“We’ll set ablaze the entire world with the fire of the III International”. 1920.

High skin factor

Mini skirts were all the rage in the USSR in the late 1960s and early 1970s

The early 1970s in the USSR was the unique era in the history of universe when women’s clothes were shrinking from top and bottom at the same time. During these happy years, no fashion police would call the girls in the photo cheap, tasteless, or trashy. I caught the tail end of it, and looking back it all feels like a party.